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Sky Installer Website supports installation sales to domestic and communal buildings

AVUK, ( Sky’s approved installer in the South East for communal dwellings and domestic properties, new website was recently launched.

Designed, developed and hosted by Toucan Internet, this bespoke site is fully content managed by the client. Search engine optimised to deliver the right visitors from the search engines, this visually appealing the site leads the visitors to the information they seek and presents them with clear and easy to use “calls to action”. Visitors can search the site, make quick contact via a simple field from and sign up for news and offers.

The Toucan Control panel not only enables the management of the site content, it gives AVUK control over the newsletter subscription and provides a mass emailing function.

The bespoke control panel facilities are all designed to increase business efficiency and integrate web activity with the routine business activity.

See and recommend AVUK –

How much web page text is required to please Google?

Having been optimising websites for greater search engine performance, whilst giving a quality visitor experience since the turn of the millennium, Toucan Internet has always favoured including text of reasonable quality and in modest quantity.

Reasonable quality in that it must be well written English, relevant to the subject, contain the researched keywords to an adequate frequency and be cross-linked within the whole website, or websites should the enterprise operate multiple websites.

Quantity is always an interesting balance between satisfying two masters:

  • the human master needs to be provided sufficient text so that the reader gets adequate information but without presenting them with a wall of words and without flooding the creative design underpinning the visual attractiveness of your site.
  • the search engines and Internet directories master that will drive large numbers of relevant visitors and customers to your site if it’s done properly. When developing websites that need good search engine returns we’ve always considered minimal text content to be a poor choice; after all Google and the other search engines read the words to classify your site so that they can recommend it to others and if you provide either too little content, or content with insufficient focus for that matter, the search engines will not be able to adequately index your site. As a consequence it will not rate or perform highly.

The big question is “what is the right amount of content”. The simple answer is that from page to page in your website there really is no hard and fast rule as some pages will require masses of content and others quite a minimal amount to be fit for purpose. However we’ve found from many years of online marketing experience that the bare minimum to get noticed to any sensible degree is 100 words, however if it’s practical get this above 300 words.

This recently published article lends weight to the argument that it’s good practice to give Google as much relevant content as you can practically include –


About the Author.

This article was written by Simon Thomas of Toucan Internet LLP who has been active on the Internet since 1995 and runs a number of commercially successful Internet projects. Toucan supports client’s web build to the correct standards, not just SEO, and maintains on-going search engine marketing for clients that value high performing websites.

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A Most Curative New Website

Make those aches and pains go away, visit Hazel Williams the registered osteopath in Stansted. You can find out more about the services offered by Hazel and the success she routinely has for her clients by visiting her new website developed by Toucan Internet LLP Osteopath in Stansted

Toucan Internet LLP worked in conjunction with Hazel’s creative partner to produce a search engine optimised website with an original creative design that clearly explains how she works and how she achieves results for her patients of all ages and from all walks of life. “At Toucan we’re always pleased to work with other professionals in the creative process as this increases the creative pool of ideas and engenders diversity” explains Simon Thomas Principal Partner @ Toucan Internet

If you think this website will be of interest to your friends and associates please link to it and spread the word.

To find out more about how Toucan Internet LLP can improve your online success, please feel free to contact Simon at the contact points below.

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Harry’s Bar, Splendid London Restaurants with an advanced website.

The decision to choose between a routine website and one that ups the game to run business processes and online marketing is a big one, however the ongoing benefits of automating routine procedures saves time and money.

We were delighted to be commissioned to redevelop the website at as Toucan Internet LLP started as Harry’s Bar’s web partner with their very first website that was developed in 1999.

The creative design was critical in capturing the essence of these two quite different Harry’s Bar restaurants. This exciting design involved considerable liaison with the team at Harry’s Bar and the photographers who shot some stunning images that project exactly what Harry’s Bar is about.

The technical specification was extensive and it affords the team at Harry’s Bar extensive control over the whole website through a friendly control panel:

  • Add and delete pages
  • Schedule pages to be available during certain periods, ideal for seasonal menus
  • Upload, crop and scale images automatically; no image preparation is required before upload
  • Mailing list function automatically handles opt-ins and corporate mail outs are managed directly on server affording easy mailings and avoidance of being seen as Spam
  • Place rotating onsite advertising panels
  • Manage the on-page search engine optimisation
  • ……… more

Since a greater amount of decision making will be done through mobile web than is done on conventional pc’s over the next few years, Harry’s Bar’s new website also supports a responsive design that is automatically used in favour of a wider screen rendition if viewed on smartphones.

All menus have a dedicated print version that emulates the real restaurant menus such that they can be printed and reviewed before visiting the restaurants.

Finally when you’re in town next and fancy a bite to eat away from the madding crowd, we wholly recommend Harry’s Bar for a warm welcome, exquisite food and great atmosphere – you will not be disappointed. Furthermore on presentation of a printout of this article before the end of November 2012 you can get 10% discount on the a la carte menu at the Ironmonger Lane venue. Many thousands of visitors to the website every month have already discovered Harry’s Bar, now it’s your turn.


For more information and a chat about affordable professional website development for restaurants please feel free to contact Simon at Toucan Internet LLP and improve your online success.

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Harry’s Bar, Splendid London Restaurants with an advanced website.

New website ten years later

When Lattenbury Services required a professional website in 2002 Toucan Internet  were recommended by their professional advisors and we designed and built a website that met the requirements and lasted ten years with a few  modifications along the way. Since Lattenbury Services were pleased with the consistent service offered by Toucan over the years, despite keen local competition, we were asked to redevelop this simple but important site that we’re now pleased to publish.

The work also required some branding work to define more strict control of the logo and the strapline.

Lattenbury Services offer construction services for the countryside.  The bridges, footpaths, water courses and environmental and archaeological works are all best demonstrated with clear pictures. The site’s original creative design therefore includes many quality images rotating on the pages with information splashes, making for an interesting and captivating visitor experience.

Whilst Lattenbury Services do not run a social media program at the moment, we included popular social shares so that visitors can promote this website out through their social channels.

Let’s see this website stand the test of time like the original one produced in 2002.

For more information and a chat about affordable professional website development  and how Toucan Internet LLP can improve your online success, please feel free to contact Simon at the contact points below.

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Community Focussed Website for North Weald Bassett Parish Council

nwpc-webgrab-blogWe were delighted to be commissioned by North Weald Bassett Parish Council to develop their website into something that would help the PC engage with the community and be a conduit for information flow in both directions. Having provided the council Internet services for a number of years prior, the council knew Toucan and were impressed with the level of support they had received.

The website had a tight budget and after a review of available options, it was decided to produce it on a WordPress platform giving affordability and flexibility. After the final training the council are editing the whole site themselves including the calendars, images, text and pages.

Adriana Jones, Finance and Administrative Officer for North Weald Bassett Parish Council said “I have found the service received by Toucan both with design of the website and support at all levels nothing less than first class. The process from start to finish has been seamless, and I look forward to working with Toucan in future.”

If you are looking for a reliable provider of business email facilities with a human interface, please have a chat with Simon @ Toucan Internet LLP, details below.

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WordPress expert joins team at Toucan Internet

helenWe’re pleased to welcome Helen to our website development team as our WordPress developer.

Whilst Toucan has the top-end development and programming requirements well supported we needed someone who was more than just proficient with WordPress.

Helen has been working with WordPress for over 6 years when it was still a little known blogging platform.

Converting an existing website to WordPress, adding a contemporary twist, or working from a bespoke design, virtually any website can be placed on this versatile and open source platform.

Helen comes from an engineering background and enjoys working with clients. As part of the training delivered to our clients she ensures they can develop their own knowledge enabling them to update their own website whilst keeping within SEO goals, adding new pages and posts.

When any spare time falls into her day she likes to have a game of tennis.

To find out more about how Toucan Internet LLP can influence your online success please feel free to contact Simon at the contact points below.

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Sketch Video – Dare to stand out from the crowd.

Hand drawn bespoke videos with captivating sound and voice

over for websites, YouTube and presentations.

You can’t help but to take notice of messages delivered in this way.

See more at

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What a lovely box – new website release.

Presentation packaging manufacturer GWD Ltd. of Harlow commissioned Toucan Internet LLP to redevelop their website to clearly display the company’s skills in making bespoke presentation packaging.

Heart shaped box

The new GWD website complies with all the necessary web construction standards for wide acceptance and the big sequencing display images are rendered using a technology that is functional on iPads and iPhones too as well as conventional PC screens. Don’t underestimate the growing number of users of these i-devices making buying decisions by browsing websites; so make certain your next website is as good on these mobile devices as it is on a desktop computer screen.

Noel Greenwood, Managing Director of GWD Ltd. said “Being able to clearly display our novel and innovative presentation packaging designs to customers is so important and the new website from Toucan does this so well.”


If you are looking for a reliable business class website development, please have a chat with Simon @ Toucan Internet LLP, details below.

To find out more about how Toucan Internet LLP can influence your online success please feel free to contact Simon at the contact points below.

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What is the difference between budget web hosting and business class web hosting?

Many of the points detailed below are on a scale rather than being black or white when comparing one provider with another.

For websites to work properly they have to have an adequate level of technical support at the time when it is needed by the developer and the business. Delays will hinder development and inevitably increase other operational costs.
Toucan Internet’s quality standard is that you will be able to contact a human being who can understand and correct the issue you have or be just one step back from that person. You will always get a human being to talk to during normal UK office hours. We do not use automated call handling, just real people who care and invariable know you as a customer. We also have the patience to take the time to explain the details you need in plain English.

This best summed up by one council who transferred all their hosting to Toucan Internet LLP from a budget web host provider because of the lost hours spent waiting in call queues and alike when technical support was required. They now simply call us and the matter is in hand.

Out of hours we have a Support Request system in place and a notification service for bigger issues at

Website Performance
For businesses that require the best possible advantage with Google it is worth bearing in mind that one of the many criteria that Google uses to rank a website is speed of delivery of the web pages and their content. There are two parts to the speed of delivery, one is the quality of the website code and the second is the speed of the server and the supporting network. Our servers are right on the UK’s Internet backbone in a datacentre in London’s Docklands, affording our clients excellent connectivity.

A number of our websites are in the top 5% of the world’s fastest websites as independently reported by Google.

Economy hosting gives the provider a lower revenue and as such they have to max the servers to generate adequate return by putting as many customers websites on a server as possible. At Toucan Internet LLP our competitive business class rate means that we can balance the loads on our servers and keep significant resources in reserve. This is turn gives impeccable reliability and up time plus fast delivery of websites.


Email Services
Invariably the web host provider will be the email provider. With the same level of care and customer support, Toucan Internet LLP provides email services for practically all requirements:

·         POP3

·         IMAP

·         Cloud – Hosted Microsoft Exchange

·         SMTP

Plus Toucan Internet LLP supports this with world class email security that screens inbound mail for Spam and viruses including providing an online quarantine box, white & black listing and a daily digest of your quarantine box.
The need to configure your email accounts on your local business servers and devices is accommodated as Toucan Internet LLP has good working relationships with many local IT support companies and liaises with any IT professionals you may already have in support.


Bespoke Services
If your web developer requires additional services, modules or configurations specific to a special requirement, then we accommodate this too, subject to a security audit of the solution.



Comprehensive business class services with personal support

We care about your business.

About the Author

Simon Thomas of Toucan Internet LLP has 18 years direct marketing experience prior to embracing the new Internet marketing channels that emerged in 1995. He heads the multiple disciplinary team of professionals at Toucan Internet LLP supporting clients of all sizes and markets where the client is looking for a professional Internet marketing partner with a long proven track record.

To find out more about Toucan Internet LLP please feel free to contact Simon at the contact points

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