A new website for a changed market place.

This year many of our customers have had great results from their websites as we’ve worked their sites harder for better returns against the back drop of shrinking markets.

For companies looking at innovative marketing methods we have also designed and produced many thousands of CD business cards.

We’ve been so focussed on our customers’ successes that we’ve neglected our own marketing.

Correcting this, we’ve completely reworked our main website to share with you some of the effective new ideas that we’ve adopted this year for giving our clients the edge online over their competition.

Please see http://www.toucanweb.co.uk.

It is more apparent than ever that businesses are turning more to their websites to affordably generate the lion’s share of sales opportunities over past, more traditional methods – a well optimised and managed site does give a strong return on investment.

We’ve also seen customers automate sections of their business by having us write web server based routines to manage work previously done by office personnel, thereby freeing staff for more profitable use of their time.

We are more than just a web design company to our clients – we are a cost effective extension to their business.

When visiting our website at www.toucanweb.co.uk you’ll also have the chance to receive
“Tips and Tricks for online success” for FREE and a chance to win an iPod.

If you have an idea for an online facility and want to sound us out, please call me as we’re always interested in new challenges.

Wishing you continued success,
Simon @ Toucan Internet LLPtoucan-beak-tag-150

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e: simon@toucanweb.co.uk

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