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Sketch Video – Dare to stand out from the crowd.

Hand drawn bespoke videos with captivating sound and voice

over for websites, YouTube and presentations.

You can’t help but to take notice of messages delivered in this way.

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CD Business Cards – A Powerful Marketing Medium

CD Business Cards

CD Business Cards

For over ten years Toucan eMedia has been providing CD Business Cards to progressive business for marketing and generally for the distribution of information in an affordable and high impact way.

Unlike normal repro houses Toucan eMedia is a full service organisation capable of handling every part of a CD Business Card project from concept to final delivery and not just the CD Business Cards replication or duplication. The services can include presentation design, programming, video conversions, bespoke packaging; in fact everything to make your company look the best it can to prospective clients.
Toucan eMedia have structured prices to be competitive for the high quality services and products provided which is why international businesses with household names are content with our handing of their public image.cd_business_card_wallet1

You can store everything that your customers need to know about your business, from a full company presentation to details of products, services, interactive maps, databases and automatic links to the company’s web site. You can even store music sound tracks and include a voice-over if necessary.

Whether you need just 50 CD Business Cards or 50,000 Toucan eMedia have the resources to meet you requirements.

CD Business Card replication

CD Business Card replication

Denise Thomas of Toucan says “There are a few reasons why we enjoy such success, we have a very stringent quality control ethos, we spend time with clients so they are fully informed about the design and production procedures, even to the point where our key people will liaise with their programmers and designers and we’ll entertain small orders on very quick turnarounds.”




To find out more about CD Business Cards and how they could be of effective use to your business lease feel free to contact Denise at the contact points below.

Toucan Internet LLP

Toucan Internet LLP

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Leading Barristers’ Chambers chooses web partner

9-12 Bell Yard is a leading criminal barristers’ chambers in the City and they chose Toucan Internet as their web designers earlier this year. Apart from the main web projects, Toucan’s creative design team has been engaged in producing a number of items in various media for Chambers, including email campaigns, digital Christmas cards and a hand drawn website.

The annual Chambers’ party aboard HMS Belfast was a real success and Toucan designed and produced the  impressive corporate folders together with the event invitations for the night. These designs were based  upon a newly evolved logo icon taken from designs that had been created as part of the development work for the Chambers’ new website. 3_detail_21

A Chambers’ spokesman said “We are delighted with the creativity and support Toucan has brought to every project they have worked on so far.”

The folder and modified logo are designed to give great value in that they can be used on more than just one occasion. The generic chambers folder will double as a CD presentation folder for distribution of material such as course notes, whilst the modified dynamic glass effect logo will feature in the forthcoming website.

Simon Thomas, Partner of Toucan Internet said “This is a great example of how a brand identity can be effectively used across different media. Toucan’s strength is that we have all the resources required including creative designers, Flash developers, programmers, systems people and the team approach to make these projects a success for our clients”.

For more details about 9-12 Bell Yard :
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7400 1800

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A new website for a changed market place.

This year many of our customers have had great results from their websites as we’ve worked their sites harder for better returns against the back drop of shrinking markets.

For companies looking at innovative marketing methods we have also designed and produced many thousands of CD business cards.

We’ve been so focussed on our customers’ successes that we’ve neglected our own marketing.

Correcting this, we’ve completely reworked our main website to share with you some of the effective new ideas that we’ve adopted this year for giving our clients the edge online over their competition.

Please see

It is more apparent than ever that businesses are turning more to their websites to affordably generate the lion’s share of sales opportunities over past, more traditional methods – a well optimised and managed site does give a strong return on investment.

We’ve also seen customers automate sections of their business by having us write web server based routines to manage work previously done by office personnel, thereby freeing staff for more profitable use of their time.

We are more than just a web design company to our clients – we are a cost effective extension to their business.

When visiting our website at you’ll also have the chance to receive
“Tips and Tricks for online success” for FREE and a chance to win an iPod.

If you have an idea for an online facility and want to sound us out, please call me as we’re always interested in new challenges.

Wishing you continued success,
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New On-Line Marketing Blog

Toucan Internet launch their latest blog covering all aspects of being successful online and news.

Posts will cover

  • website releases
  • new customer welcomes
  • online marketing successes for clients
  • search engine optimisation marketing tips and tricks
  • new media ideas
  • cd business cards
    …………….. and more.

Tag the blog and stay informed.

All contributions and suggestions are welcome.

To your On-Line Success,
Simon Thomas
Partner – Toucan Internet LLP