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Toucan’s Search Engine Marketing Process

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Once your website has been properly optimised for the search engines, directories and local search tools, it is ready to be promoted. This is where so many websites fail as there is a need to watch how a website is accepted or not by the search engines and optimise accordingly. The Search Engine Marketing (SEM) performed by Toucan Internet is a mix of promotion, monitoring and feedback. The feedback is written with the sole objective of improving website performance and is focussed on specific improvements and other activities in line with the identified goals. We provide feedback in the form of reports and a commentary that you can act upon as you feel appropriate. It does give you the professional test and monitoring essential to any business activity. Search Engine Optimisation and SEM are essential and inseparable partners, each one feeding the other in a continual loop of improvement and following the ever changing credential required for on-line success.


Promote, Monitor and Feedback

DashboardToucan promote to the search engines (SE) and alike in a number of ways. Since Google is the prime referrer nationally and internationally for b2b and b2c, this search engine is the prime focus of activity as it will return the highest rewards once successful. Google and DMOZ are reviewed manually every session in some depth. You will be asked to include a Google verification code in your website so we can gain access to Google’s valuable activity and performance data held on your website in their webmaster reports. We will also suggest you add a Google tracking code so we can access the visitor data captured by them and therefore provide qualified feedback.


We promote to the prime SE manually and the rest using automatic submission software.  We manually verify your listing on MSN, Yahoo UK, Google and DMOZ – The Open Directory Project.


We manually submit the site to local and individual referrers such as UFindUs and Hotfrog and subsequently check for a positive listing.


Once the promotion is complete, reports are compiled including one for all the automatic submissions and a more detailed one for the manual SE including a comprehensive analysis of Google’s take on your site.


We analyse these results in line with your goals and will feed back our recommendations. The recommendations should be considered for your SEO activities and will likely involve updates to the website so the site will play a stronger hand to the search engines, particularly Google.  


The Typical Routine

webalizer_grab_250We perform this comprehensive SEM routine on a cyclical basis and most clients have in place a repeat order for Toucan to do this work until advised otherwise.


 After the first registration session the next recommended session is at the six week point and then three monthly thereafter. This programme can be tailored to specific needs.


After each session you will receive submission and analysis reports. After the third session the results will normally start to appear and we can see indicators as to how to improve the results, if need be.


Whilst there is no firm guarantee of a search engine position without paying for it by a Pay Per Click campaign (PPC), Toucan does gain good results for its clients who understand that we have to work together to get the results over a period of time. We will of course also help you establish PPC campaigns if required.



  • We agree the goals for the website in the form of key terms & phrases under which the site is to be found in line with your website optimisation
  • We manually promote to the key search engines and monitor accordingly
  • We manually monitor in-depth Google and DMOZ activity
  • We manually promote to emerging directories and local search type websites
  • We provide a report of manual monitoring and promotional activity
  • We provide a report of automatic submissions with history
  • We provide you a Ranking report for Key engines and with history and graphs for multiple key terms
  • We provide you a list of recommendations in summary for future SEO


seo_reportAs Toucan needs to keep up to date with the ever changing requirements of SEO and SEM this programme is subject to change as new practices, search tools and requirements evolve.


If you have any special requirements or would like to discuss these programmes in more detail, please contact us at:

Toucan Internet LLP

t: 01279 871 694







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